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Earn Points. Earn Prizes. Stay Accountable.

Start 2021 off strong with our January accountability challenge.

There are a lot of emotions as we enter 2021 still dealing with the COVID pandemic. One thing we know for sure is that exercise and a healthy immune system help to protect us. That's why we're opening our accountability challenge to the public- for free. 

What It Involves: Earn points for completing workouts and challenges each week. You can use your own workouts or join our online or in person classes. The leaderboards and challenges will be emailed on Sundays. 

How to Earn Points: Tag @sharkkfitness in your workouts each day. If you are a member on our online program, submit your workouts

every Sunday by 6pm.

Where: At home, in our online program, or at our location.

You choose what works best for you.

Scroll below to register for free.

Registration starts 12/28/2020. Starts 1/1/2021.

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