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For more information on my 8 Week Rotational Strength Course, fill out the form below. Register by 5/31/2020 and receive a FREE 10 lb steel mace.

8 Week Educational Course

1:1 Remote Coaching 

40 Workouts

12 Instructional Videos 

Competitive Community​ 

Combination of Kettlebell, Steel Mace, and Body Weight Skills

Tarin A.

For the last 8 weeks of the Stay at home order Sharkk Fitness has put me through and amazing program and trust me the results show! Whether you are ready to get back to the gym or still need an online coaching program, Sharkk Fitness should be your first stop! Between the body weight, kettlebell, steel mace, and clubs, you will get the results you want.

Corey A.

I have been doing the online Sharkk fitness class and I can say after 8 weeks I feel stronger and my overall mobility has increased dramatically since changing over to functional fitness from traditional weightlifting. Mike teaches the movements in a way that anyone can understand. So if you're just starting or you've been working out for years you'll have no problem with this program.

Kelly B.

This course kept me accountable by speaking to my competitive side with weekly challenges with the other members in the program. During the 8 weeks I’ve gained so much strength with Mike and Layli pushing and encouraging me to use heavier equipment when I can. I’m so excited I didn’t just maintain but gained muscle and power and built a fun online community within the group.


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5255 Xenon St Arvada, CO 80002 


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